"Consultancy is a means of employing a skill or an insight into your company that you do not currently possess, using people who are expert in a particular area of your business and can bring a new approach and thinking to your problems or requirements".

The problem with this statement is that nobody knows your business better than you. Consultancy has in many areas developed a bad name through consultancy companies writing down what you have told them, putting it in a nice folder and giving it back to you with nothing achieved, only time and money spent.

We at Equipe have a different approach, we offer to undertake a study on your particular problem or requirement and find inventive solutions through the application of technology to give you the competitive edge in your market place. This solution could be the improved efficiency of a process or service, or the technical evolution or revolution of a product.

We ask questions such as, are you a product chain supplier, i.e. do you have many suppliers and many customers? Where in the product chain are you?Where do you want to be? What value do you add to the process? Who controls your direction, growth and profit - your customers or your suppliers? These questions and many more are very relevant to the recommended technological solutions.

The Equipe Team understands the following fundamental concepts of business:

  • The realisation that every item produced by man is at some stage consumed by man. The identification with the two principle markets of the world - mans protective necessity (medical, food, housing etc. etc.) and mans social luxury (cars, cosmetics, sport etc. etc.).
  • The fact that products move from one principle market to the other as necessities become luxuries and luxuries become necessities.
  • An understanding of the two dimensions of business in terms of customer/supply dependency:
    a) The dimension with a finite or limited customer potential i.e. specific designed components / products within the product chain.
    b) The dimension with infinite or unlimited customer potential i.e. food, water, paper, electricity, etc.
  • How companies move their product or technology from one dimension to another, as with the computer industry, creating customer dependency through integration.

Cross-Cockpit Collimated displays

Dome displays

Contour Projectors
Full Range of high performance DLP projectors

Generation 10
COTS multi-channel IG with added value and ultra high performance

Complete System Integration with BlueSky Visual Real-Time Software

Enables Projection onto curved screens with mapping, blending and shading

Equater enables large area Geo-specific terrain models to be created in hours

Global Projector
Our target projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution

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