Contour 200 TM Real-Time Visualisation Projector introduces PIXEL FLOW technology - combined with DLP projection for purity of Audio Visual Presentation. PIXEL FLOW TM enables multiple projectors to form one continuous seamless image extending horizontally or vertically for the ultimate in display size, brightness and resolution.

PIXEL FLOW TM provides individual contrast control to every pixel for precision image reproduction in professional applications. Ensuring a uniform presentation, even on patchy and discoloured projection surfaces, it is particularly effective for eliminating the hotspots on VIDEO-WALL displays.

Principal applications include media advertising presentation, walk-through design theatres, professional engineering, medical imagery and ultra-wide screen entertainment displays.

Real-Time Visualisation Projector

Contour200 TM Shares the same high performance specification as Contour100 TM and is therefore suitable for Flight simulation as well as all types of professional AV applications.

PIXEL FLOW TM control is via USB using a PC interactive GUI software supplied with the projector. This shares a common interface look and feel to the Equipe ProMap TM Composer GUI.

PIXEL FLOW TM technology is patent pending and unique to projectors.

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