Equipe TM Continental Database (CDB)

Equipe's Continental Database (CDB) expands the concept of flight simulation visual training environments from current networks of local airport regions to continental sized areas containing the entire set of airfields set within a high detailed geo-specific terrain and cultural landscape. This is made possible through Equipe's Equater™ CDB automatic modelling tools capable of incorporating very large data sets of digital airfield information.

  • Includes every airfield within the coverage area
    • Any airfield may be enhanced as required, up to and beyond FAA / JAA Level D
    • Supports inclusion of legacy / existing databases
  • Provides uninterrupted large area WG84 compliant geo-specific terrain
    • North American continent
    • European continent
    • Global
The inclusion of the airfield models within the Continental Database equates to 1,352 airfields within Europe, and 6,338 airfields within North America. Each of these airfields may be used 'as is' for navigation and landing operations, or may be modified as specific needs dictate up to and beyond JAA / FAA Level D via industry standard tools such as Equipe's Equater™, to include
    • Precise runway location
    • Runway lighting systems
    • Actual runway heading and numbering
    • Correct runway altitude
    • Airfield specific landing aids (PAPI & VASI)
    • Taxiways
  • Supports inclusion of legacy / existing databases
    • Databases may be inserted within the Continental database
    • Existing databases may be reused
    • Actual runway heading and numbering
    • Geo-specific buildings and structures may be included
    • Ensures maximum return on modelling investment
In addition to these airfields, the continental database provides unrivalled geo-specific terrain mapping, derived from the latest satellite imagery, to give highly detailed 'on route' terrain.
  • High resolution terrain
    • 10m to 1Km post spacing
    • 1m to 15m texture
6,338 North American Airfields

1,352 European Airfields

An example of the terrain accuracy achieved within the Equipe Continental database

The CDB represents a significant leap in the fidelity of large area terrain databases, which have historically been restricted to either large areas of very low detail (typically flat shaded approximations of real-world environments) or small areas of very high detail which have required time consuming and expensive modelling. The Equipe CDB provides very large terrain areas (from individual continents to global) at very high levels of detail. Any particular regions of interest within this CDB may be expanded to include specifically modelled buildings and structures as required, allowing a highly accurate, complex and geo-specific database to be constructed quickly and efficiently to meet any training requirement.

The use of the Equipe CDB allows unlimited training to be performed over vast areas of very high detail, and provides the ability to navigate to and land at any given airfield, straight out of the box.

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Equater enables large area Geo-specific terrain models to be created in hours

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