A Dome Projected Display

Horizon TM is part of the Dx range of Equipe Real Image display systems. Forming a portion of a 4m diameter sphere, Horizon TM is constructed of 50° x 40° sections of spherical surface cut equally above and below the horizontal or spherical equator. Two or more sections can be bolted together to provide in-line modular 50° units of horizontal field of view.

Applications for Horizon TM include Design Review theatres for computer aided design, Aircraft, Ship and Automobile simulators as well as general Virtual Reality theatres.

A typical 150° theatre comprising 3 screen sections has overall dimensions of 4.1m wide by 1.52m deep by a nominal 2.34m high for a centre viewing height of 1.65m. For larger or smaller theatres, Horizon™ can be scaled up or down to suit special requirements. For particular applications the vertical profile can be increased or decreased above and below the horizontal such that a different part of the total sphere is used. Civil aircraft simulators for example may operate with 15° above the horizontal and 25° below.

Horizon TM is designed particularly to operate with Equipe's Contour 100 TMSeries Projectors and Equipe ProMap TM Digital Mapping, Blending and Shading system.

Contour 100 TM series Real-Time Visualisation Projector uses DLP technology adapted specifically for high quality visualisation of dynamic images required for training systems and real time visualization. Principal applications include flight simulators, walk-through design theatres as well as professional engineering and demanding entertainment displays.

The ProMap TM series is a well-established product for demanding applications with minimal delay and highest quality of geometric mapping. It is an essential element of the curved projector screen theatre or any application where precise multi-projector geometric alignment is required.

Horizon TM is constructed from highest quality GRP materials and comes with a tubular stainless steel stand and adjustable bracing wires. It can be constructed without specialised tools in a few hours. Standard Horizon TM paint finish provides a matt 0.70 Gain coating for optimum contrast. Alternative gain finish can be specified.

Contact Equipe for further details of specification and options. A design service is available for complete theatre construction.

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