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Equipe Launches New Image Generation System

Equipe launches its new architecture G10 Image Generator. Based on the latest commercial graphics technology, the new Europa model of the popular G10 system supports a 64-bit architecture for increased graphics rendering opportunities, higher resolution textures and larger area databases.


Equipe Awarded Unique Display Collimator Patents

Equipe Simulation is pleased to announce the introduction of Breakthrough Collimator Display Technology that brings real benefit to the Simulation and Training community.


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Latest Products

ProMapTM Auto provides automatic image warping, blending and colour matching at the touch of a button.

Equipe's Continental Database expands the concept of flight simulation visual training environments from current networks of local airport regions to continental sized areas containing the entire set of operational airfields set within a high detailed geo-specific terrain and cultural landscape.

ProMapTM Quattro for Digital Projection onto Curved Screen Displays with zero delay and zero degradation of the image. Quattro supports all display resolutions up to QXGA at 60Hz.

The incredible new Contour 650TM Digital Projector from Equipe. Designed from the ground up for high fidelity simulation, the Contour 650TM introduces WQXGA resolution providing 2560 x 1600 pixels for unsurpassed image fidelity.

Welcome to Equipe

Equipe Simulation is a leading Flight Simulation supplier. Specializing in Visual Systems for all kinds of Simulation requirements, we offer everything you need from individual sub-system components to fully integrated turnkey solutions.

We operate world-wide with offices in Europe and North America, providing simulation solutions to the aerospace and defense sectors for both training and design.

Providing superior visualisation products that exploit the latest available technologies, we supply product from full turn-key systems down to individual simulation or A/V sub-systems.

We believe we have a unique position in the simulation industry, being able to supply all the constituent parts of advanced visual systems including Displays, Projection, Mapping & Blending, Image Generation, Modeling Tools and Databases. The benefit to our customers is a complete solution from a single supplier, overcoming potential integration issues.

Cross-Cockpit Collimated displays

Dome displays

Contour Projectors
Full Range of high performance DLP projectors

Generation 10
COTS multi-channel IG with added value and ultra high performance

Complete System Integration with BlueSky Visual Real-Time Software

Enables Projection onto curved screens with mapping, blending and shading

Equater enables large area Geo-specific terrain models to be created in hours

Global Projector
Our target projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution

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