GeoDesic Display

Full Field-of-Regard

High Brightness

High Contrast

High Resolution

Largest Eye Relief Available - Up to 1.6m (63") - Equipe's G3 "GeoDesic" display is available in modular panel sections.

Equipe's range of rear projected G-Series display systems includes the dodecahedron form of pentagon facets known as the G3 or GeoDesic Display. This is designed for fast-jet cockpits where a very large Field-of-Regard (FOR) is required. FOR coverage is variable according to the number of facets used. Up to 10 fixed panels can be selected for very large fields of view of 360° horizontal in the upper region above 20° elevation and 300° on the horizon. Total Field-of-View (FOV) from a fixed viewpoint is achievable for most fast-jet cockpits by using an additional removable panel at the rear to allow access. Two examples of typical FOV are shown below using eight and ten projector configurations.

G-Series: GeoDesic Display systems are provided with the latest DLP technology digital video projectors based on the Contour™ range according to application and performance demands. Projectors are mounted externally to the screen in easily accessible positions by the use of beam-folding mirrors. These mirrors also reduce the overall space requirement of the display system, which can be customised to fit into particular room sizes when necessary.

As with all Equipe displays there is full compatibility with BlueSky™ Real-Time Software offering the full range of simulation features for fast-jet and other suitable applications.

External view of worlds largest Geodesic Display.

Database generated with Equater database tools.



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