Staggering 3000 Lumens in a briefcase size projector

Brightest XGA digital projector of its size

Whisper quiet 28 dB

Contour X-5 TM series Real-Time Visualisation Projector is a high quality visual projector, utilising DLP technology, and offering best performance for projection of both static and dynamic images at XGA (1024 x 768) resolution.

Contour X-5 TM is an ideal low-cost solution for applications that require quality and performance at a competitive and affordable price. Principal applications include conferencing, display walls, entertainment, design theatres and simulators.

Contour X-5 TM delivers an impressive 3000 ANSI Lumens and full field contrast of up to 2000:1. Presented in a stylish design the projector is compact and lightweight, measuring only 250 x 280 x 90mm and weighing approximately 3kgs. This makes Contour X-5 TM a first choice solution for applications where space is limited or weight is a consideration. Audible noise levels of 28dB cause minimal distraction within confined areas.

As a single chip device Contour X-5 TMeliminates convergence errors and problems of colour non-uniformity. A choice of two lens types are available: variable zoom 2.2-2.8:1 and fixed 1.28:1 wide-angle.

Contour X-5 TM has a wide range of connection options including 2x HD-15, 1x DVI (digital RGB), 3x RCA and 1x S-video 4-pin Mini Din. Inputs and all other projector controls may be accessed through the Infrared remote control including aspect ratio, brightness, colour and service controls. The remote control also contains a built-in laser pointer and is designed to avoid disturbance from fluorescent tubes. There are hardwire connections via LAN and RS232 serial interfaces for direct multi-projector control from PC using the Equipe Contour Multi-Projector control GUI.

Contour X-5 TM is designed to partner with Equipe ProMap™ Digital Mapping, Blending and Shading system. This enables use of curved projector screens or any applications where precise multi-projector geometric alignment is required. The Equipe ProMap™ series is a well-established product for demanding applications with minimal delay and highest quality of geometric mapping.

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