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Database Generation System (DBGS)

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Equater TM is designed to create and maintain large area terrain, airfield and feature models.

Harnessing the power of today's high performance PC systems, Equater TM facilitates the creation of high fidelity databases directly on your desktop, without the need for costly or proprietary hardware. Using Equater TM, very large area Geo-specific terrain models can be created rapidly without the need for costly feature data or detailed geo-specific imagery.

On-Line Demo Movies

A small collection of downloadable movies demonstrate some of the operational features of Equater TM. Click here to view them.

Summary of Features

Quick Links: Visualisation  Classification  Auto Population  Texture Processing  Vector Processing  Terrain Skin Preparation  Database Assembly  Viewing Assembled Databases  Import/Export  Support 

Data Visualisation

  • 2D Geodesic display of following layers :- Terrain DEM, Raw imagery, Material maps, Texture Patterns, Geometry Tile Boundaries, Terrain mesh, Vector Data, Tile Grid.
  • Fully Integrated 3D Viewer displays scene without the need to write output files, and allows the user to roam around freely.
  • Full correlation maintained between 2D and 3D views at all times.
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    Terrain post classification - Land, Sea, Shoreline, ridge, valley, plateau
    Image classification - 64 User Definable Area classifications. Edge classifications
    Material Pixel classification - 256 classifications

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    Auto Population

  • Image detection of Point ( Individual Trees, Buildings... ), Area ( Forests, Lakes, Towns... ) and Linear features ( Roads, Rivers, Railways... ) in Satellite and Aerial Imagery.
  • Realistic placement of features with imagery.
  • Detector Parameters determine the density, number and size of features detected.
  • Raster to Vector conversion - Area features can be shrunk so forests sit inside their image.
  • Models selected and scaled appropriately to type and size of detected feature.
  • Batch processing - Large areas can be selected and rapidly populated.
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    Texture Processing

  • Process texture batch processing
  • Texture Pattern generation
  • Cut out - from large mosaic satellite or aerial imagery.
  • Colourise - Colouring Black and White imagery.
  • Altitude texture - rendering texture assigned to altitude layers.
  • Material Raster Paint - rendering textures assigned to material maps.
  • Pre and Post image processing :- Gamma, contrast, brightness, saturate, user defined.
  • Texture Merge :- for removal of edge of image artifacts or resolution merging
  • Vector paint :- cultural features roads, rivers, towns etc.
  • Manual Mouse driven Paint box
  • Painting of Terrain, Material and Texture rasters across multiple tiles and boundaries.
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    Vector Processing

  • Classified Raster to Vector conversion - Terrain class, Material class, Edge class
  • OpenFlight to Vector conversion - Automatic creation of complex hulls form OpenFlight models.
  • Material feature cloning - Material textures populated once and features then cloned where ever material used.
  • Point feature populator - Inside area or along selected edges.
  • Geometry Editing - Create Area, Linear Point, Add vertex, Delete, Translate, Reverse, Combine. Vector clipping - Cut vectors against each other ( e.g. rivers through tree blocks )
  • Vector simplification - Features or vertices "Commented out" of processing can be put back in at latter stages. Feature simplification by FID code, feature density, range simplification. Shrink wrap Vertex simplification based on :- Max Error, Percentage, Number of vertices.
  • Curve generation tool
  • Point feature footprint editor - Translate, rotate, scale footprint
  • Vector Attribute Editing - Feature Attribute editor, FID Viewer, Find and Set attributes - With support for range and arithmetic functions.
  • Vector validation - Geometry and attribute checking.
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    Terrain Skin Preparation

  • Terrain raster Validation - Boundary mismatch error detection. Unusual spike / dip detection and correction. Manuscript border post matching.
  • Regular or irregular terrain Mesh. Up to 5 Levels of detail per tile. Complexity restricted by number polygons or fit tolerance. Preview terrain mesh generation for parameter determination and constraint testing.
  • Constrained terrain Mesh - Area, edge or vertex constraints. Inhibit terrain, Remove Terrain.
  • Coast line pinning
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    Database Assembly

  • Pre Assembly Checks - Geometry and attribute checking
  • Terrain and Feature Polygonisation - Support for Multiple LOD, Structure and file size.
  • Automatic assignment of ground texture
  • Configurable Feature Polygonisation -
  • Area
  • Side and top textures can be defined
  • Flat textured polygons
  • Raised textured sizes for tree blocks or buildings
  • Raised area tops
  • Linear
  • Extrusion nozzle models can be used to define linear cross sections
  • Strung linear features - Pylons telegraph wires etc
  • Point
  • Random selection of different models
  • OpenFlight models from model library incorporated
  • Support for external models
  • Output projections
  • Flat Earth
  • Localized Flat Earth ( Local origin at centre of tile )
  • Localized Geocentric ( Local origin at centre of tile )
  • OpenFlight Output
  • Output database structured and LOD control.
  • Large Area Batch processing of Texture, Terrain, Features
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    Viewing Assembled Database

  • FLY button - displays a 3D viewer which can be used to view selected assembled terrain and feature files allowing quick reviews of the output database. 3D viewer linked to 2D viewer.
  • IG button -Can be configured to invoke a user defined IG invoked from the command line.
  • BlueSky button - automatically compiles and generates all BlueSky textures, flight and configuration files.
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    Data Import/Export

    Import Export
    Imagery SGI, TIFF, JPEG, etc. SGI, BlueSky
    DEM DTED, Equater Terrain Raster Equater Terrain Raster
    Vector DFAD, ESRI Shape files, Equater Vector Equater vector
    Projections Geographic, Mercator N/A
    Polygon N/A OpenFlight, BlueSky
    Customer specific ( Please ask ) ( Please ask )

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  • Hardware / Software platforms - PC ( Windows 2000, XP & Vista)
  • Recommended PC specification : 3.0Ghz processor. 1Gbyte RAM. 120Gbyte Disk. 128MB OpenGL graphics card. 1280X1024 screen resolution. Network adapter card.
  • Documentation and Training - Comprehensive user guide and step by step tutorials. In-house and on-site training for all aspects of the Equipe modeling process can be provided.
  • Support for specific input and output formats - Equipe can provide support for customer unique formats and requirements.
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    Cross-Cockpit Collimated displays

    Dome displays

    Contour Projectors
    Full Range of high performance DLP projectors

    Generation 10
    COTS multi-channel IG with added value and ultra high performance

    Complete System Integration with BlueSky Visual Real-Time Software

    Enables Projection onto curved screens with mapping, blending and shading

    Equater enables large area Geo-specific terrain models to be created in hours

    Global Projector
    Our target projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution

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