Control Centre for Windows

Image Generator Command & Control

Equipe Control CentreTM software provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, GUI front-end to Equipe’s Generation 10 Image Generator and BlueSky real-time.

Control Centre is a core component of the G10 system, being fully integrated with QUIL, the flexible object-oriented event-driven interface language of BlueSky.

Control Centre offers total control of the IG environment and complete interaction with standard and user-defined operational functionality, through a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface, enabling users to fully command the system without concern for complex configuration files.

Control Centre runs on a standard Windows platform, and connects to G10 via a standard LAN.

Comprehensive context-sensitive on-line help is provided to guide you through the many powerful features of the software.

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Control Centre provides the following functions:

  • New Project Wizard
  • 3D Display Configuration
  • Database Selection
  • Interactive Moving World Map
  • Project Verification
  • Project IG Start/Stop
  • Environment Control (weather conditions, TOD, etc.)
  • On-line Control of all entities / properties
  • User-defined Control Pages for demos, etc.
  • Import / Export QUIL Scripts
  • Network Packet Tracing
  • Round-Earth co-ordinate support
  • Integrated Basic Flight Model
  • Control Centre provides a multi-resolution geographic map display that shows a bird's-eye view of the world.

    The map page graphically shows the locations of Objects, Positions, Lights, Viewpoints and Routes, and allows these to be re-positioned by dragging with the mouse.

    The map can be set to track a moving Object as it navigates the database. Favourite locations can be saved as bookmark Positions and these can then be used to relocate Objects at any time.

    Each entity in the project scenario can be modified graphically or by entering property values numerically and then using sliders to modify their values.

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    In addition to the standard pages, Control Centre provides the facility for the user to add pages that can contain custom buttons and other controls. User Pages can be used for running demonstrations, maintenance procedures, etc.

    Buttons execute fixed Quil packets, and check-boxes and sliders can be added to perform specific functions, and you can add multiple User Pages, each containing a different set of specific controls. A plugin API is soon to be released which will allow further customisation possibilities.

    Recommended PC specification: Windows XP, 2GHz P4, 1024MB RAM, 80GB Hard Disk, nVidia GeForce with 256MB RAM, Scroll Wheel Mouse, 100Mb LAN.

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