Automatic Geometry Warping, Blending and Colour Balancing System

Underpinning the Equipe ProMap system as the geometry warping, blending and colour balancing system of choice for all professional simulation and visualisation application, Equipe are proud to announce ProMap Auto TM.

ProMap Auto TM is a uniquely powerful Automatic Display Calibration system that not only provides automatic geometric alignment and blending with pin-point accuracy, but also provides complete colour, brightness & contrast optimisation and balancing across multiple displays at the click of a button.

Configuring display geometry and showing camera view finder.

Automatic mapping in progress.
ProMap Auto TM is not limited to a specific display or display type. It may be deployed within almost any display system, from full and partial dome displays, to a wide range of other display formats using both front and rear projection. The automatic process is not just much faster, but tests have shown that the calibrated result is of superior quality than can be achieved by hand. Full projector resolution is maintained throughout blending areas. The result achieved by using ProMap Auto TM is so precise that the image on the whole display surface is truly continuous and uniform.

ProMap Auto TM can do the following for you:

  • Reduce life-time costs of your display by minimizing and deskilling the job of calibration
  • Perform automatic geometry alignment and soft-edge blending
  • Perform per-pixel projector matching that also compensates for aging lamps and nonuniformities in the display surface
  • Recalibrate your display in minutes at the touch of a single button
  • Calibrate complex multi-projector displays, with large numbers of channels
  • Calibrate very wide fields of view up to 360-degree domes
  • Work with any IG and any projectors
  • Will not degrade the performance of your IG in any way
  • Minimal throughput delays are incurred as necessary with any geometry correction system

  • ProMap Auto TM is truly independent of both projectors and IG. Some competing products rely on the IG running embedded image warping software that reduces the performance of the IG significantly. Because ProMap Auto TM uses a separate hardware unit for the warping and shading, this processing overhead is removed from the IG completely.

    Lastly ProMap Auto TM does not rely on custom sensors built into the screen so is independent of the display surface also.

    ProMap Auto TM was demonstrated recently at I/ITSEC 2008 in Orlando, Florida on a six-channel display, seen here to the right

    Cross-Cockpit Collimated displays

    Dome displays

    Contour Projectors
    Full Range of high performance DLP projectors

    Generation 10
    COTS multi-channel IG with added value and ultra high performance

    Complete System Integration with BlueSky Visual Real-Time Software

    Enables Projection onto curved screens with mapping, blending and shading

    Equater enables large area Geo-specific terrain models to be created in hours

    Global Projector
    Our target projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution

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