Dome Projected Displays

Equipe have designed and delivered a range of D-Series: Dome Projected Displays for use both on and off motion platforms and with a variety of simulated vehicles including Fast-Jet and rotary-Wing Aircraft.

Very large fields of view are achieved with typically 360° horizontal in the upper region and 300° on the horizon with ten projectors. Full Field of regard is achievable with additional projectors.

Motion compatible domes are designed with a composite foam-core dome skin capable of supporting a projector array without the need for complex support structures. Designs are modelled using Finite Element Analysis Techniques (FEA) to prove minimal deflections. Projectors fitted to motion based display systems are tested by Equipe for performance under high g-force conditions.

Dome systems are provided with the latest digital video projectors based on LCD, D-ILA or DLP technology according to application and performance demands.

Mapping, Blending and Shading functions to match the dome screen curvature are performed by Equipe's ProMap TM system using real time Digital Video Processing. A standard industrial PC is normally mounted off-board with 4 channels of ProMap TM contained per PC unit. Alignment can be performed via a free roaming Laptop PC handset anywhere within the dome. The same handset is also used to control projector alignment functions. Each projector being selectable quite separately.

For high-resolution overlay images, Equipe's Global TM Projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution anywhere in the pilot field of regard for the majority of combat aircraft. This projector uses Volume Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (VCOTS) Technology to provide air-to-air target detection, recognition and identification capability without the high cost and maintenance requirements usually associated with dynamic target projection.

Equipe's Global TM Projector is a simple concept using today's Audio Visual market portable projector to provide an effective optical solution. The projector itself is mounted in a 360° rotating gimbal mounting with direct drive in two axes for high stability and reliability.

Cross-Cockpit Collimated displays

Dome displays

Contour Projectors
Full Range of high performance DLP projectors

Generation 10
COTS multi-channel IG with added value and ultra high performance

Complete System Integration with BlueSky Visual Real-Time Software

Enables Projection onto curved screens with mapping, blending and shading

Equater enables large area Geo-specific terrain models to be created in hours

Global Projector
Our target projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution

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