Global TM Projector

Target Projector System

Equipe's Global TM Projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution anywhere in the pilot field-of-regard for the majority of combat aircraft. This unique product uses VCOTS (Volume Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) Technology to provide high resolution targets within a Full-Field-of-View Dome Simulator. Air-to-air target detection, recognition and identification capabilities are achieved without the high cost and maintenance overheads usually associated with dynamic target projection.

The Global TM Projector provides a concentrated field-of-view image anywhere in the entire field-of-regard of the pilot. The full colour view up to 20 degrees in diameter shows dynamic entities at range several times greater than that possible with background projectors alone. The following typical parameters are achieved in most configurations:

Video Format
Freedom of Rotation
Target Position Resolution
Static Target Position Accuracy
Angular projector Velocity
Angular Projector Acceleration
<1.5 arcmin / pixel
XGA (1024x768)
10 ft-Lamberts
Up to 20 degree cone
Total F.O.R. from Pilot DEP
0.4 arc minutes
< 5 arc minutes in critical viewing areas
> 300° / s
> 1,500° / s2

The Global TM Projector control system generates the image at the correct aspect to the pilot. The image may freely rotate around the pilot without restriction by use of a novel "transfer unit" that passes all power and signals through a freely rotating gimbal bearing. A serial interface links the IG producing the background image. Using Equipe BlueSky TM Real-Time Software to create the background image ensures a transparent interface between the Global TM Projector and simulation host.

Changes in the background scene visibility and lighting are applied equally to the target image entitiy. If the entity is hidden behind terrain or objects in the background scene then the projected image is also removed.

When the target entity is very close to the ownship and exceeds the Global TM Projector field-of-view, it is switched to the background scene automatically.

The Equipe Global TM Projector is the first of its kind to utilise DLP micro projector technology. The projector unit is readily upgradeable to enhancements in resolution that are rapidly evolving in the micro projection industry.

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Global Projector
Our target projector provides a cost-effective target entity at near eye-limiting resolution

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