Real-Time Visualisation Projector

Contour 100-HDTM Real-Time Visualisation Projector is the High Definition evolution of the award winning Contour 100, built upon DLP technology adapted specifically for high quality visualisation of dynamic images required for training systems. Principal applications include flight simulators, walk-through design theatres as well as professional engineering and demanding entertainment displays.

Deceptive Power Under The Cover

With a weight of only 3.5Kg, Contour 100-HDTM delivers a 3100 Lumen full colour image in full 1080p HD resolution, previously unheard of in this size of projector. The 1920 x 1080 pixel HD format is the new standard for high definition. Unlike standard SXGA+, it offers a 16:9 aspect ratio making it ideally suited to providing large field-of-view displays within a low channel count. The compact size of 25x28x9 cm allows freedom to meet the most demanding engineering applications where space and weight are at a premium. Low audio noise, only 28 dB - less than most computers and even some laptops - together with flexibility of mounting, make Contour 100-HDTM a first choice where versatile, light weight, high resolution projection is required.

As found within the entire range of Contour projectors, single chip DLP technology eliminates convergence errors and colour non-uniformity. It provides high accuracy of greyscale and very low black levels for contrast critical applications such as night and dusk simulation scenes.

Contour 100-HDTM achieves full field contrast of up to 3000:1.

Contour 100-HDTM offers a lens choice of variable zoom (1.6 -2.0:1) or a fixed 1:1 wide-angle ultra low distortion lens providing for most applications where space is restricted.

Contour 100-HDTM has a wide range of connection options including 2x HD-15, 1x DVI (digital RGB) and 1x S-video 4-pin Mini Din. Inputs and all other projector controls may be accessed through the Infrared remote control including aspect ratio, brightness, colour and service controls. The remote control also contains a built-in laser pointer and is designed to avoid disturbance from fluorescent tubes. There are hardwire connections via LAN and RS232 serial interface for direct multi-projector control from PC using the Equipe Contour Multi-Projector control GUI.

Geometry Correction, Blending and Shading

Contour 100-HDTM is designed to partner with Equipe ProMap TM Digital Mapping, Blending and Shading system. This enables use of curved projector screens or any applications where precise multi-projector geometric alignment is required. The Equipe ProMap TM series is a well-established product for demanding applications with minimal delay and highest quality of geometric mapping.

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