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The following Equater movies are available to provide the reader with an insight into Equater. The movies are of reduced quality to minimize download file size. They are best viewed at SXGA (1280 X 1024) screen resolution. To save the demo to your hard disk, right-click the link and select 'Save as'.

The Movies

Interactive Terrain Editing  Auto Population  Material Texture and Features  Low Cost Large Area Databases 

Interactive Terrain Editing

Editing a scene from the G10 Dambusters demo.

This movie shows typical fine tuning of a scene, with the addition of some small features (cows) to a field, and a building being rotated into position. Equater's powerful interactive editing and viewing facilities enable updates to be viewed in 3D without the need to regenerate output files, thus enabling the user to rapidly modify and interact with the scene. This frees up valuable IG time and improves creativity and productivity.

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Auto Population

Lack of vector data correlated with imagery has traditionally led to individual trees having to be manually added with the mouse or randomly scattered. Equater uses advanced image recognition and vectorization techniques to detect significant point, area and linear features in aerial or satellite imagery. This enables large areas of imagery to be realistically populated in minutes.

The movie starts with a typical featureless countryside scene. A single texture tile is selected and Equater's feature detector is used to find individual trees in the texture image. The detected trees are displayed as blue dots on top of the texture. Various parameters are changed to improve detection before being vectorized to form individual tree point vectors. The same detection parameters are then applied to all texture tiles making up the scene and the resulting 3D scene is then flown. Finally Equater's global attribute editor is used to apply a random height to the trees and the resulting database is flown.

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Material Texture and Features

This movie shows the generation of textures from 10m monochrome satellite DOI 10m data obtained from NIMA. The monochrome data has been classified using Equater's Image Classifier. The resulting classification is then used to "colourise" the monochrome imagery producing a coloured geospecific texture. The material classification can also be used to "raster paint" assigned material textures to produce a geotypical texture at a much higher resolution than the original 10m data.

The raster painted areas can then be automatically populated with features. A single tile is selected and the Process Texture tab displayed. Parameters are entered so that the black and white texture is cut out from the satellite image at the required resolution and then coloured using a Material Transfer technique. The resulting coloured texture is displayed.

A second tile is selected and the Raster paint is used along side the Colour transfer method to generate a texture which is part geospecific and geotypical. The resulting textured terrain skin is then flown starting over the colourised texture and finishing at the raster painted area. Finally features are replicated for the raster painted areas and added to the scene. This is a powerful technique for rapidly populating large areas of geotypical database

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Low Cost Large Area Database

Shows the generation of a low cost geotypical database from simple terrain elevation and vector data.

Altitude texture is generated, and the resulting terrain is flown in 3D. The DFAD data is then Vector Painted on top of the altitude texture and the resulting terrain flown showing the textured lake, forests and roads. The lake is not flat so the terrain is constrained, rebuilt and displayed. Finally Equater's Vector clipper is used to cut the road through the forest at the side of the lake. The resulting vectors and terrain are shown.

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